2 Bedroom Deluxe

2 Bedroom Deluxe


The 2 Bedroom Deluxe is a perfect choice of accommodation on sharing basis for two or more on business or ideal for a family on leisure. A city dwelling designed with the comfort of home in mind featuring a spacious kitchen with modern appliances, dining area, two bedrooms and an en suite bathroom.


  • King size bed and Queen size bed
  • En suite bathroom with shower and bathtub
  • Bathroom with shower
  • LED TV in master bedroom and living room
  • Kitchen Island
  • Living Room with Sofa
  • Modern kitchenette with appliances (kitchen hood, hob, microwave oven, and full set refrigerator
      Suites 2BRD Living Room
      Suites 2BRD Kitchenette
      Suites 2BRD Master Bedroom

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